Training on Peace Proactive Education and Resilience

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You are now visiting more than a website. Adyan’s team hopes that you will feel the hospitality and transparency that enables us to share with you our vision, values and the meaning behind our foundation and its initiatives. What we hope to do is to introduce, in the global village, the peace, empathy and solidarity that one can feel in a small local town. A place where the existence of many and different worship places is a sign of the spiritual diversity expressing the fundamental human unity.

We do wish that you will enjoy your e-trip with us, and that your last click will be on the “Get involved” tab.

On the Peace-building path, the world needs everyone to be involved to help it cross over to safety grounds.

Warm regards

Fadi Daou, Chairman

الدليل التدريبي للتربية على قيم الحياة العامة
أطلقت مؤسّسة أديان بالشراكة مع مجلس كنائس الشرق الأوسط ودار الفتوى في الجمهورية اللبنانيّة والمجلس الإسلامي الشيعي الأعلى والمجلس المذهبي لطائفة الموحدين الدروز، الدليل التدريبي الإسلامي-المسيحي لتعزيز قيم المواطنة والعيش معًا في التربية الدينيّة، الذي تم تنفيذه بالتعاون مع مؤسّسة دانميسيون الدانماركيّة وبدعم من وزارة الخارجيّة الدانماركيّة ضمن برنامج الشراكة الدنماركية العربية. read more
Int Conference on Religion and Political Values
November, 26 2014

The CCSD at Adyan is organizing an international conference on "Religion and Political Values" in partnership with the Lebanese American University

CUP Final Ceremony
November, 06 2014
The Cross Cultural Studies Department at Adyan Foundation is holding the final ceremony and graduation